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Sensory-Friendly Mass 

What is a
Sensory-Friendly Mass?

A Sensory-Friendly Mass

provides a safe, comfortable, 

and stigma-free setting

for children and adults with

sensory challenges, mental illness,

or any kind of disability

to feel engaged and experience

Mass in a meaningful way.     

Options for celebrating a Sensory-Friendly Mass

There are several options for how  parishes can offer a SFM:

  • adding this Mass to the regular schedule and determine how often it can be celebrated (weekly, monthly)

  • offer this Mass at one of the regularly-scheduled times (the evening, late morning, or early afternoon Masses work best for families) once a month to engage your faith community in a more intentional way

  • partner with neighboring parishes to offer this Mass at a consistent time on a rotating basis


Help prepare your parish community by promoting:

  • parish bulletin

  • parish website

  • announcements at Mass

  • in a homily                                                                                                           

Two Important Components:
"Sensory" & "Friendly"


"Sensory" refers to the accommodations that help to reduce overstimulation:

  • low lights

  • no bells

  • no music

  • no incense

  • prayers are said, not sung

  • use Children's Lectionary

  • short homily 

  • use the microphone (needed for LOOP or livestream)

  • celebrate in the main church so that families can spread out

  • provide low-gluten hosts



 "Friendly" - the celebrant creates a welcoming environment by conveying  the following before Mass begins: 

  • acknowledges the unwelcome that some have felt at Mass because of their disability

  • briefly explains the SFM and assures people that it is ok if someone makes a noise or sits, stands, etc. when others are not

  • invites individuals to let him know if they would like to serve in any way at the Mass (and can be assisted by others if desired)

  • welcomes input so that this Mass can be a meaningful experience for all who attend


Who can attend a
Sensory-Friendly Mass?


"I decided to try out the sensory Mass, and I am glad I did-- I was moved.

It was the first time that I can remember that my daughter could just be herself. If she screamed out, made a noise, or decided to stand when others where kneeling I could relax about it.  Too often, I am used to the stares of others. I appreciate the attention, focus, effort and care that was put into this Mass . . . the impact was huge. Thank you again."  

All parishioners and

non-parishioners are welcome. 


Parishes currently offering 
a Sensory-Friendly Mass:

Every Sunday

St. Vincent de Paul 
1502 East Wallen Rd., FW 46825

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